Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Top 5 Revisions I'd Like to Make to Previous Lists

Even I, glorious master of all things that may be organized in lists of five, make mistakes. Here are 5 changes I'd like to make to lists I've published over the last two months, in order of priority.

5. Top 5 Reasons Nathan Fillion Should Play Captain America - The countdown stands as it is, but I'm now not entirely sure that Nathan Fillion is the right man for the job. Or, rather, that he would make a great Captain America for all the reasons I listed, but that be maybe shouldn't, both because that would disqualify him from playing Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the future, a role for which he is even more perfect, and because I just can't see Nathan Fillion with blond hair. I don't think that works. So, good luck to him, but should Marvel pass, he's got Hal Jordan in the bag.

4. Top 5 Outdated Phrases I Still Love to Use - I'm going to replace #5, "Nifty," with "Hunky Dory," on the grounds that it's the name of a David Bowie album. The new countdown stands as:
5. "Hunky Dory"
4. "Fella"
3. "All is Groovy"
2. "Nifty"
1. "Boy, Howdy"

3. Top 5 Coolest Superhero Costumes - Sorry, Spidey, but I've decided to knock you off the list in favor of Invincible, of the Image comic Invincible. Case and point:

The revised list is:
5. Invincible
4. Blue Beetle III
3. Ultimate Captain Marvel
2. Kyle Rayner - Green Lantern, V2.0
1. Iron Man - Movie Suit, Mark III

2. Top 5 People Who Should Have Their Own Talk Shows - After watching a video of him moderate the Q&A panel with the cast and crew of Battlestar Galactica at ComicCon, I'm convinced that the first person I'd like to have host a talk show is Kevin Smith. Ideally, it should be on HBO, and be on entertainment and geek interest items. That being said, Patton Oswalt is now a little redundant on my list. Now, the revised list:
5. Tina Fey
4. Ron Paul
3. Mike Pfeiffer
2. Jon Oliver
1. Kevin Smith

1. Top 5 Movies of the 90s - Yes, just yesterday I committed a horrible, horrible mistake. I was convinced, in my mind of minds, that The Big Lebowski was released in this decade, rather than in the 90s. However, as my girlfriend reminded me today, The Big Lebowski came out in 1997. As such, I'd like to place it rightly at #2 on my Top 5 Movies of the 90s, sliding all the other submissions down. The new list should read:
5. The Shawshank Redemption
4. Good Will Hunting
3. The Usual Suspects
2. The Big Lebowski
1. Pulp Fiction


Nerdzner said...

ahh, David Bowie. Anyway, I have always thought that Invincibles costume has been one of the coolest in comics...unfortunately it was recently changed in the comics to a costume I don't like nearly as much. They did it right around the big 50th issue. I believe its blue and black....Jim Lee did a nice cover for it. Anyway....I've got nothing else, so......yea

Jenny said...

I liked this posting. Very in the spirit of blogging.

Fake "word verfication" WOD: corlyst - a substance that serves as a catalyst when placed in an energy core.