Friday, November 7, 2008

Top 5 YouTube Creators

I've talked a lot about TV and film so far on this blog, but I noticed today that I haven't really spent any time on the medium I'm actually on - the internet! So, I've decided to dive into the New Media category by counting down my Top 5 favorite YouTube creators, and using the magic of Blogger to embed a sample video for each entrant to the countdown, so you don't just have to take my word for it. I'm sure there will be some argument on this topic, on account of there's so frakking many YouTubers out there, but here's my Top 5...

5. HarryPotterCentral - Anyone who hasn't seen "Wizard People, Dear Reader", the Brad Neely's re-dubbing of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone hasn't seen the Potter at all. I submit to you the first chapter.

4. blamesocietyfilms - Creators of the now-legendary Chad Vader series. I think their appeal is pretty well summed-up by this video:

3. It'sJustSomeRandomGuy - It started as a simple gag- poking fun at the Mac vs. PC ads with Batman and Spider-Man sharing a screen: "Hi, I'm a Marvel." "And I'm a DC." It grew into an empire built on action figures, a cutting wit, some ridiculously good voice acting (this one guy plays like fifty characters!) and even some dramatic chops. In addition to his Mac-style commentaries on superhero movie franchises, there's also an ongoing series called "Marvel/DC: Happy Hour" that packs on some serious laughs. Yes, it's a guy playing with toys. It's also frakking brilliant. Here's an example from this summer.

2. NeilCicirega - YouTube Pirate Overlord of the Seven Seas Neil Cicirega is best known for his wildly popular series Potter Puppet Pals, which has gotten as many as 53 million views for a single episode. However, Mr. Cicirega has much more to offer than just puppet fanfiction. He is, frankly, a crazy person. And also quite possibly a genius. His music, which he publishes under the name Lemon Demon, is original and brilliant, and his music videos are a great demonstration of his video prowess. Here's my favorite Neil video, "Word Dissassociation".

1. DerrickComedy - A sketch comedy team out of NYU, the DERRICK Comedy, consisting of Dominic Dierkes, Dan Eckman, Donald Glover, and DC Pierson, (plus producer and occasional castmember Meggie McFadden) are a fresh, original voice in... well, I suppose I have no choice but to use the word twice in this sentence... comedy. Their sketches combine our generation's trademarked (if I may coin a phrase) "darkward" sense of humor with the just-freaking-weirdness of Donald Glover, who's gradually become the standout in the gang. They've been on hiatus from sketches for a while, as they've been producing their own feature film, Mystery Team. (The trailer looks awesome.) As proof of their unbridled greatness, here's my favorite DERRICK sketch, "Girls Are Not To Be Trusted".

Sorry about yesterday's lack of list. There will be an extra one today to make up for the gaff, probably a request.


Anonymous said...

How did I NOT know the guy behind PPP was also behind Ultimate Showdown?

What about Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series?

~ David L.
(Who is having some trouble getting into his account)

Jenny said...

Neil Cicirega should have been #1. That "Girls are not to be trusted" thing was horrible. Almost funny for how bad it was, but NOT Neil Cicirega.

Anonymous said...



You need to see Drunk History and then put it on this list.