Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 5 Villains for the Next Batman Movie

So far there's been absolutely no information released about the script for the next Batman movie, but based on the ending to The Dark Knight we do know that it will involve Bats being on the run from the law and Commissioner Gordon having to keep up a sham pursuit of him while secretly aiding his fight against crime. Of course, any Batman movie needs a good villain, but not every villain in the Gotham rogues gallery works within the style of the "Nolanverse". Choosing the right villain will likely make or break the movie. Here's my Top 5 Villain choices for the Next Batman Movie, along with brief summaries of where they would fit in the story.

5. Checkmate - Since Batman is on the run, how about sending the government's covert ops group, perhaps with Sasha Bourdeaux or The Wall as their leader.
4. Talia Al Ghul - Bookend the trilogy with the return of the League of Shadows under the command of Talia, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. She is a worthy adversary to Bruce, and they're destined to be together in much the same way that Bruce and Selina Kyle seem to be, only that Talia's never been used in film before and is in a lot of ways a much more complex character.
3. Catwoman - After the death of Rachel Dawes, now's the perfect time for Bruce to enter a toxic relationship. It would be nice to see her as the anti-hero she is in the comics. She follows many of the same rules as Batman - she doesn't kill, she generally only targets the corrupt for her thefts, and now they're both on the wrong side of the law. Plus, if done right, she fits right into this universe. Just don't give her cat-powers and we'll be fine.
2. Bane - This character was totally ruined in Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin. What makes Bane special is not that he's a huge, steroidal bruiser. What makes him special is that he's a huge steroidal bruiser who's also as smart and calculating as Batman. If done right, Bane could be an excellent villain for the next movie, perhaps in the role of a mercenary hunting the fugitive Batman for money and sport.
1. Hush - Introduced only a few years ago by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, Hush has become an iconic Batman nemesis. His backstory, like the Nolan films, is grounded in reality - no freak accidents with chemicals or ridiculous mutations. The comic book story can be used without changes. As a boy, Tommy Elliot was Bruce Wayne's one and only playmate. Tommy, even at a young age, demonstrated the ability to read and outthink his opponents in games of skill. Tommy is also a monster - he tries to kill his parents so that he can inherit their fortune, but after the horrible car crash he orchestrates, Tommy's mother is saved by brilliant surgeon and family friend Thomas Wayne. Months later, the Waynes are gunned down in an alley and Bruce achieves with tragedy what Tommy had hoped to achieve through ingenuity. Tommy has to spend the next twenty years pretending to be a good son, waiting for his mother to die slowly from cancer, seething with jealousy at Bruce's independence. Later, after he discovers Batman's identity, he becomes Hush, the bandaged, calculating gunslinger who tortures Batman with unsolvable puzzles and coerced betrayals, as well as attempting to kill him on several occasions. Hush also wants very much to be Batman.
Does that sound like an awesome movie, or what?

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