Sunday, November 23, 2008

Top 5 Things that Need to Change about American Society

I don't think I've done a serious political list in a few weeks, so I thought I might take a broad look at American society and judge it arbitrarily. Of course, if you read this, you agree that mine is the only opinion in the universe that matters, and will gladly help me enact broad social change in this great(?) nation of ours. (You'll note that this "serious" list is already biting with goofy sarcasm, but trust that the points I make, regardless of how much I ham up the problem, are my real opinions.) Here's today's Top 5 Things that Need to Change about American Society.

5. Absenteeism - Yes, there's an argument that Americans are lazy, there's also a lot of fine examples of people who live their whole lives at work. Today's American businessperson is expected to be on-call 24 hours a day. That means when he's at home with his kids, when she's sitting down to family dinner, when they're on a date or at the movies, their eyes are fixated on their Blackberries. This is extremely destructive to our already-struggling American family.
4. Apathy - The election woke us up, but our generation, the generation in college and high school now, needs to stay awake and informed. Yes, The Daily Show is great, but it can't be our only source of news. Yes, Facebook is a great social networking tool, but behind each of those status updates is a real person who needs real human interaction. Yes, the cafeteria buffet means eat all you can eat, but there are still people on the other side of the world or just the other side of town who are dying of starvation. The Obama Campaign reminded us that we matter and that we can change things. Let's try to keep it that way.
3. Credit - Why do you think our economy is in crisis? It might have something to do with the fact that each of us is in debt up to our eyeballs. The lesson here is the same one we were supposed to have learned from the Great Depression: don't spend money you don't have. That goes for you, too, Federal Government.
2. Jingoism - The last eight years have involved a lot of unwarranted flag-waving. If we're going to call ourselves "The Greatest Nation on Earth" every five seconds, let's make sure we deserve it. And even then, let's still not say it. Our complacancy is what makes other nations resent us. We need to acknowledge that there are always things we can be doing better.
1. Homophobia - After November 4th, many of us were quick to say that America is now a "post-racial" country. That very same day three states voted to define in their constitutions that marriage is between a man and a woman. The civil rights challenge of today is in gay rights and sexual tolerance. America must remember that "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" (MLK) and that by extention, injustice to anyone is an injustice to everyone.


Mike! said...

I was going to take to task that "homophobia" is number one, but I get what you're saying. I'd kind of expand that to "America is solely a Christian nation." Remember that study where like 70% or more Americans said they don't trust agnostics or atheists or something? Something along those lines... I think I was surprised at its high rank because it's such a retarded problem. I really don't get why people are creeped out by gays. Who cares.

rrrrrreooow! said...

I personally don't like agnostics. Make up your mind! Really.

(I am only writing this because it directly affects you and Mike. Ha ha ha ).

Good list, by the way. I pretty much agree. Although I commit the sin of number 4 sometimes...

David L said...

Being agnostic is one of the rare exceptions where it is actually better to be undecided. Why? BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE PROVEN EITHER WAY!
I'd put Evangelicalism at #1. Most of what is wrong with society can be traced back to stubborn bible-thumping hypocrites. I can and will argue this point.
Cali is hilarious. Two people of the same sex can't marry, yet chickens get wingroom.