Saturday, November 29, 2008

Top 5 Things I Hate Most About Having a Cold

As you probably guessed based on the title of this list, I'm a little under the weather right now. I'm not terribly ill or anything, just a mild cold. The Common Cold, though rarely a serious ailment, is always annoying. Here's my Top 5 Things I Hate Most About Having a Cold.

5. Fatigue - I pride myself on being outgoing and energetic. Being tired really cramped my style.

4. Dry, itchy, red nose - Tissues take their toll on my nose. It burrrrrns. Yes, I could use tissues with lotion, but they make my hands feel greasy and gross.

3. Contagion Guilt - I had my girlfriend and three of my friends over today, with plans that were set in advance and that I didn't want to cancel, so instead I spent a lot of the time worrying about getting them all sick. I did a lot of hand washing and even brushed my teeth a couple of times so that I would stop feeling sick. It didn't help. I'm certain that between today and the three hours in the car back to school tomorrow that I'll have gotten either or both my girlfriend and one of my friends together.

2. Itchy Eyes - Few things are more annoying to me than an itch I'm not allowed to scratch. Combine that with the tired feeling you get from having heavy, itchy eyes, plus the likelihood that I am actually tired on top of that leads to double-extra annoyance.

1. Runny Nose - Mountains of used tissues! Constant hand washing! Oh, yeah, don't forget feeling like snot for days, even weeks! A runny nose completely throws off your rhythm. It can keep you busy for minutes at a time, which makes working, playing or, say, typing, extremely difficult to enjoy or complete in a timely manner. Grr, argh.


rrrrrreooow! said...

... I've been sneezing a bit this morning. Coincidence? I think not!

I don't think my comments add anything to the blog, I just like commenting.

David L said...

I have a comically strong immune system, so I don't entirely knowing what you are talking about. I do, however, know enough to solemnly nod and agree.

Mike! said...

Two days behind now. Better get on it...

Mike Pfeiffer said...

Super bummer! Do Top 5 Failed Dylan Roth Catch Phrases. I seem to recall many a lunch period brainstorming our next pop culture phenomenon-style catch phrase. "You know you want me, baby!"

I, by the way, declare my official excitement for the new Star Trek. Just like how a good comic book movie writes a new story with an eye for the rich history of the medium it's adapted from, this looks like it's going to cut out a lot of the cumbersome, sterile, stuffy aspects of Star Trek but keep the heart and adventure that made it so popular in the first place.

But yeah, it could go horribly wrong.