Friday, November 14, 2008

Top 5 Reasons Nathan Fillion Should Play Captain America

Okay, so I was skimming through (the #1 resource for comic book news, plus genre films and other geek interest items) and happened upon a poll asking readers who they'd pick to play Captain America in the upcoming Avengers films. In addition to the leading choices mentioned (Brad Pitt, Will Smith), they listed one of my favorite genre actors, one who I can't believe I had never thought of for the role - Nathan Fillion of Firefly and Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Sure, he's Canadian, but what does that matter? Here's my Top 5 reasons he whould play Cap in 2011...

5. Sci-Fi Icon - Fillion has a cult genre following that is as strong as any more established actor, and he's more popular than ever now since his internet-musical debut. His casting would please the Comic-Con crowd, and Comic-Con has proven to be able to make or break a genre film before it even hits theaters.
4. Hearthrob potential - Let's face it, the guy's dreamy as hell. He's got that winning smile and superhero-movie-worthy musculature; he can totally bring in the "Leonardo DiCaprio" effect to score the movie some extra cash.
3. Dream Come True - He's a big comic book fan, reading Marvel Comics since he was a wee lad. The enthusiasm he would bring to the set would make him extremely easy to work with, a nice change of pace from the whiny big-name actors they're probably used to working with. He'll be active in promoting the film and will be a great team player in the Avengers.
2. Price Tag - He works on the cheap, at least when compared to Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson and Don Cheadle. This movie promises to be one of the most expensive movies ever just in terms of effects, plus several lead actors. Nathan Fillion will not be bickering over his salary, ensuring a lasting franchise life.
1. He's got the chops, just watch Firefly. He's as good an actor as anyone else on television, plus he's hilarious when he wants to be. Based on how well audiences responded to humor in Iron Man, this is definitely a plus. But of course, this is not going to be a comedic role. Nathan Fillion can play badass hero better than anyone- just see Serenity!

Not that I'd be upset if someone else got the part; there's talk of Brad Pitt playing Cap, and I guess that'd be alright, but my pick is Captain Malcolm Reynolds -er, I mean Nathan Fillion.

CODA: This list was revised in Top 5 Revisions I'd Like to Make to Previous Lists.


David L said...

Will Smith as Captain America...

This is a story all about how
I became one of the few and the proud
and I'd like to take a minute, don't take a nap
Of how I became the one known as Cap

In middle America, born and raised
At the malt shop was where I spent most of my days
Sipping and drinking, thinking all cool
about what I would do when I got out of school
When a brand new reich that was up to no good
Started making trouble in their neighborhood
It wasn't one little fight and we all got scared
And then I realized I wanted to fight over there.

I begged and pleaded with them day after day
But they looked at my body and said "no way!"
But some scientist guy came up with a serum
They gave it to me and said "no need to fear'um!"

So then they put me out into the field
Givin a shield that couldn't be beat
Is this what the US Army fights like?
Hmm... this might be alright!

As the war was ending a bomb came near
And hit me and Bucky but we had nothing to fear
Sure, being frozen in ice may be rare
But think of the future! It's up in the air!

I was unfrozen by about seven or eight
guys who talked about the Red Skull and said "Get him later!"
I looked at my world
It was finally here
And with Cap back, there is nothing to fear!

That's right. I just did what you think I did.

Jenny said...

Dan and I just read this article (and I totally lost it when I read about his dreamy musculature) and came to the consensus that movie stars, once they are names that can carry a movie alone, can't be reborn as superheroes. If it's Will Smith or Brad Pitt, it won't be "the new Avengers movie" but "the new Will Smith movie." Dan briefly brought up the exception of Batman -- but that's okay, because he's not really a Superhero with a capital S -- he's just a guy in a highly sophisticated catsuit.

OH snap

Dylan Roth said...

David, you are the ubernerd. Bless you.

Mike! said...

It's kind of insane how some roles just stick. Fresh Prince is almost twenty years old, and people STILL pin Will Smith to that character.
That's what I'M talkin' 'bout...