Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 5 Most Delicious Breakfast Cereals

Yes, this is a fairly random idea, but c'mon, everyone enjoys breakfast cereals. Yes, this is certainly a matter of personal taste, but aren't all of these? (Hey, wait, that may have been a pun. Shit, I try not to do those here. Oh, well.) As a note, I generally have a bowl of Nature's Own Granola in place of cereal these days, but I wasn't sure that would count as a cereal or that it really belongs on this list. Besides, this list is about super-delicious cereals, implying SUGAR.

5. Corn Pops - Gotta have 'em.
4. Just Bunches - I don't even know if they still make these, but basically they're Honey Bunches of Oats, but without the flakes. It's just the delicious little out clusters.
3. Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Probably the most flavorful a sugary cereal can be without being overpowering. Downside - gets soggy quickly, and the cinnamon tends to get rinsed off sometimes by the milk.
2. Cocoa Puffs - C'mon. You love them. Chocolate for breakfast! Yay!
1. Cap'n Crunch - The point of a sugary cereal is the sugar. Cap'n Crunch is, like, 80% sugar. Plus, it makes the milk taste sugary, too. It's crunchy, it's sweet and it's really stupid to try and describe why a cereal is good. This may not have been the best topic. But at least I proved that I will do any random topic, no foolin'.


David L said...

Every hear the phrase "Captain Cuts-The-Roof-Of-Your-Mouth"?

Dylan Roth said...

No, but if you're referring to the Cap'n's tendencies to jab the roof of your mouth with its sharp corners, then I know what you mean. But hey, Life Cereal and Chex both have the same quality. My advice is to chew your food.

Mike! said...

Cocoa Krispies >>>>>>> Cocoa Puffs.

rrrrrreooow! said...

My top five cereals...

5. Lucky Charms. Because there are marshmellows. Who doesn't love marshmellows in there cereal? (better without milk)
4. Holiday Rice Crispies. They have more flavor, but still have the popping sound that everyone loves. If there are not available, regular Rice Crispies with strawberry ice cream sauce is ok as well. (has to be with milk, or else)
3. Frosted Flakes. They're grrrreat! Who can argue with a talking tiger? (with or without milk... your preference)
2. Crispix. Back when I was a wee eighth grader, this was my nickname. Also, they are very tasty, and are actually healthy. (again, with or without milk).
1. Reese's Puffs. Now, come on guys. Better than Cocoa Puffs, better than Cocoa Crispies, better than practically anything. The commercial was great, and the cereal tastes awesome. Has to be with milk, because then the milk tastes awesome afterwards. It's Reese's... for fucking breakfast.

Honorable Mentions: Raisin Bran, Cheerios.

Jenny said...

The whole JOY of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is in the fact that the cinnamon washes off -- then you have CINNAMON MILK! But since you do not drink the milk with your cereal, preferring to just let the flakes get saturated and then disregard the liquid from whence they came, you miss out on this.

You know what else is awesome? That my "word verification" word is "comazin." Gosh darn I love these made up words! I'll even define them: comazin - a deep sleep that resembles a coma (THERE IS NO WORD FOR THIS CURRENTLY IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, although there is a need for one! I have solved one of life's great mysteries! Another: google blogger apparently has no word limit on comments. HUZZAH!)