Friday, November 7, 2008

Top 5 Coolest Superhero Costumes

Sorta Requested by: Mike!

Well, I didn't receive a lot of requests this week, so I decided to instead accept a challenge by Mike to make a nerdier list than Sunday's Top 5 Best Star Wars Games. I call it: Top 5 Coolest Superhero Costumes. This is, mind you, a very separate list from my all-time Top 5 Coolest Superheroes. After all, there is much more to a hero than just his duds. Also, this list includes "alternate" costumes, perhaps suits that a hero or heroine used for only a short period of time, in the past, or in a film or television adaptation. Also, this is an opportunity for me to continue to challenge myself to use more multimedia on Top5Everything. (See: This afternoon's Top 5 YouTube Creators.)

5. Spider-Man - Symbiote Suit
The sheer simplicity! No comic book publicity stunt has more fans than Black Suit Spidey. Originally conceived as a way to shake things up at Marvel, Spider-Man's mysterious new black costume was an instant success. It's sleek, it's badass, and it's... alive? HOLY CRAP! Slowly, the origin of the suit was revealed - it's a symbiote, a living organism that lives off its host, granting him greater strength and organic webbing, but slowly eating him alive! Also, no other superhero costume has later transformed into a fan-favorite villain. (WE ARE VENOM!)

4. Blue Beetle III
Say what you will about Jaime Reyes as a character or about his book in general, but the new Blue Beetle's outfit is wicked cool. An unholy mix of magic and tech, Blue Beetle's costume creates weapons much like a Green Lantern ring, but like Spidey's symbiote, it's grafted to his body! The latest Teen Titan may not be much fun to read, but he's certainly cool to look at.

3. Ultimate Captain Marvel
I'll be perfectly honest with you. I've never read a single comic with this guy in it. But look at that frakking suit. It's spacey, it's futuristic and it's got "dangerous" written all over it in some alien language.

2. Kyle Rayner - Green Lantern, V2.0
For one thing, any Green Lantern outfit is going to score big points just for having the ring. The most powerful weapon in the universe, the GL Ring responds to its wearers' commands and creates energy constructs right out of the ringslinger's imagination. Kyle is my personal favorite GL, with his artistic prowess and Peter Parker attitude, and this is certainly my personal favorite GL uniform. Designed by comics legend Jim Lee, this is honestly the first time, in almost 60 years of publication, that Green Lantern acutally looked cool. And damn, look at that thing. I want one.

1. Iron Man - Movie Suit, Mark III
And speaking of things that fall into the "I want one" category, is there any suit you'd rather have than Iron Man's armor? Supersonic flight, repulsor blasts, rocket launchers, invulnerability, a super-smart A.I., all in hot rod red? It's like a dream car that you wear. I chose the movie version because it's an almost perfect translation of the suit from the current era, the Ablative Armor suit, except in a live-action film, which I would argue makes it fundamentally cooler than comic art.

Disagree? Think there's one I forgot? Just friggin' hate Iron Man? Leave me a friendly response.

CODA: This list was revised in Top 5 Revisions I'd Like to Make to Previous Lists.

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Mike! said...

I threw the gauntlet down, and you picked it up and threw it back. Congratulations, my friend.
Yeah, and I know someone will be upset about numbah one. But perhaps they can admit that at least his COSTUME is pretty cool?